Tuesday, November 29, 2011


To continue this Yugoslav story I'm presenting this MF, painted in exercise markings. The long waited and most anticipated kit in the last decade. An excellent product by Eduard. 

Yugoslavia recieved it's mig-21s in 1962. Until 1980 they purchased up to 812 fishbeds in all 9 variants. They were in 204th fighter aviation regiment (Batajnica AB - today's Serbia), 117th fighter aviation regiment (Ċ½eljava AB - today's Bosnia/Croatia), 83rd fighter aviation regiment (Slatina AB - today's Kosovo/Serbia), 185th fighter-bomber aviation squadron (Pula AB - today's Croatia) and 129th training center at Batajnica AB.

During early stages of 91-95 Yugoslav wars it was used by Yugoslav People's Army in ground attack missions, while Slovenia & Croatia were without its own air force in the beginning of the war. All aircraft from Slovenia, Croatia & BiH were quickly relocated to air bases in Serbia. At least seven were lost due to AA fire, and in one occasion a Mig-21 downed a EU helicopter over Croatian airspace. 
Yugolsav migs continued their service in newly created federal republic of Yugolavia (later on Serbia). 

This particular aircraft was delivered as M but was transformed to MF with more powerful engine and a new canopy. It was used in air manouvers Golija 76 with their noses and wingtips painted in light blue.



R.S said...

Vasko...what's your coming project???

Vasko said...

Hey, I am finishing a Sudanese mig-21M and an egyptian mig-15 from 1956 in early green markings, hopefully I'll finish at least one of 'em this year...A Libyan foxbat requires much work so it's more a long term project.

FalkeEins said...

great MiGs!