Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fw 190D-9 red 13, JV44

Once again a luftwaffe bird. This time a Focke Wulf 190, long nose Dora variant, fliyng in this amazing Galland Circus scheme.
By the end of 1944 a dispute between Adolf Galland and Herman Goring led to a birth of a new unit, completely under Galland control. He was given a jet fighter Me 262 to demonstrate that it was a better fighter/interceptor used against bombers than a fighter-bomber.
JV 44 was formed in 1945 in Brandenburg-Briest but later in April moved to south to the airport at Munich-Riem.
Due to its speed the Me 262 could outfly any allied plane but due to an inability of sudden throttle action moves it was very vulnerable at takeoffs and landings. making it an easy prey for Allies in such moments.
The protection of jet fighters fell on high-performance piston engined fighters, the Fw190D.
To be more recognizable to German flack as friendlies, their bottoms were painted in red with white stripes.

The red 13 was flown by Oblt. Klaus Faber. He shot down one, maybe two P-47 Thunderbolts. It carried a slogan on the port side. It means "he must go in, even if we both cry".

The kit is from Eduard dual combo JV44, made OOB.


FalkeEins said...


very nice work indeed. Gear legs should ideally be raked forward a little,


Vasko Ž said...

Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes indeed this Dora sits too tall. This Eduard kit is very hard and tricky to assemble, the fit is awful and those legs like you say are too straight...