Saturday, January 7, 2012

MiG-21M Silah Al Jaw As'Sudani

For the kick off in 2012 (hoped it would be sooner), Sudanese Mig-21M,#345 Wadi Seidma 1970's

Sudan received 16 Mig-21M's and 4Mig-21U's in mid '71. Breaking the relations with soviets after the coup attempt just months after delivery, led to weak serviceability and aircraft were maintained with the help of Egyptians. By '79 only 14 were left but only half was flyable. They were frequently used in skirmishes in Uganda and Ethiopia and in civil war in the south against SPLA rebels. From '88, 8 remaining were replaced with Mig-23BN's from Libya ('92) and J-7N's from Iran ('95).


Once again the Eduard kit, this time weekend edition with aires cockpit. Armed with UB-16 launchers and R-3S. 


R.S said...

Vasko...i found photos for the bomb which you were asking about for TuAF, would you plz send me ur e-mail so i can send it to you..

Another thing...i just noticed the title of this post and i'ld recommend a small correction:
in Arabic you can say (translation to Sudani Air Force) :
- Silah Al Jaw As'Sudani or:
- Al Qwua al-Jawwiya as'Sudaniya

Best wishes

Vasko said...

Thanks RS, correction is more than welcome not to mention the photos, my mail is

Vasko said...

or, I use both of 'em...