Thursday, January 2, 2014

MiG-21MF Nigerian Air Force, 671

First of all happy 2014 folks, I wish you all the best in the following year..

The subject for this still fresh of new year build is an exotic African MiG operated by Nigeria fot the most part of the 80's.
Nigeria received its MiGs in 1975, 25 MFs and 6 UMs. They were in use in two squadrons until sometime in 90's when they were put into storage due to lack of spare parts and low finances.  Because of this bad econmic situation in the early 90's they were of little use in any of the local conflicts NAF was involved in...


This model was built under the group biild project on ARC forum named "Out of Africa". Since I've already done a couple of Eduard MiGs I decided something had to be open to add up some detailing. Check for work in progress on this link: ARC "Out of Africa" group build

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