Thursday, June 26, 2014

F-100D 42219 Türk Hava Kuvvetleri

Back on some Turkish 20th century jet era, this time with a F-100D Super Sabre.

The Turkish Air Force received more than 200 C, D and F versions of the Super Sabre most from the US but also from the Royal Danish Air Force.
The aircraft was considered a crown jewel in the TuAF so only most experienced pilots from the fighter/interceptor squadrons with more than 800 flying hours were chosen to fly with the Super Sabre. Those who achieved that were regarded "Aces" of the TuAF.

Super Sabres saw action during the Battle of Tylliria/Battle of Kokkina on the morning of August the 8th in 1964. In low flight the TuAF F-100Ds attacked Cypriot patrol boats in the Xeros harbour, Morphou Bay.
More info on: Cyprus, 1955-73, by Tom Cooper
The F-100s were also used extensively in the 1974 Cyprus invasion, armed with BLU-27 napalm canisters and 750 pound bombs. Together with the F-104 Starfighters they flew CAS missions to support advancing Turkish troops.

I chose the Trumpeter kit OOB with the XtraDecal foreign F-100 operators. The M117 bomb is from the Hasegawa weapon set A. The kit is nice to build, it has some shape-wise issues like the intake, wheels, weapons and such. I widened the wheels,  made the back flaps movable and did some scratch-build on the the canopy hinges as it's meant to be closed. Please comment what you think.


Anonymous said...

It is simply awesome! I half expect to see a pilot climbs in and flies a combat mission...:-)

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Thanks for your comment. I'm very glad to hear so:-)

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