Sunday, April 29, 2012

Su-7 BMK Force Aérienne Algérienne

From 1971–1972 Algerian Air Force received 22 Su-7BMKs and formed two squadrons.
The unsual three tone upper pattern was used on most front-line aircraft of the Algerian Air Force and is dedicated to ground attack operations
In 1973, during Ramadan War/Yom-Kippur war, one squadron of Algerian fitters was sent to Egypt to support the Arab coalition. They were operating from Egyptian airfields and were used actively for bombing and strafing missions under unified Egyptian commandement.
On October 8th while on a mission in Israel one Su-7 was shot down by 113 squadron Nesher and another by 117 squadron Mirage IIICJ of IDF, both using AIM misilles. Both of the pilots were KIA and recovered by Egyptians.

source:  the aviation forum (,

The presented model is an old Kopro kit, with not many details, very rough and crude plastic, terrible considering fitting issues - funny regarding its NATO nickname "Fitter". On the other hand the kit is quite correct in shape and size except for the most obvious issue - the too big landing gear doors, which I did trim but just couldn't make 'em look right. I did this one out of box with no add-ons except for the Su-7 Hi-Decal line making this bird exotic and attractive.

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