Saturday, September 15, 2012

Breda Ba.65 Royal Iraqi Air Force

Iraq received total of 25 Fiat-power two-seaters in 1938, 22 of those were equiped with Breda L turrets.
They were used against armed forces of UK and Commonwealth of Nations which were invading the kingdom and trying to oust the new government.

During World War II they were used against the British in North Africa.
Most were either out of service or shot down by February 1941.

Breda Ba.65 A.80 118, RIAF 5 Squadron, Al-Rashid airbase, 1940-41.
During flight tests in Italy machine 118 had a light accident - a belly landing at Bresso airbase.
photo source: Aeronet GCE, Breda in foreign service

This is a 1: 48 Special Hobby kit which is very nicely detailed, spiced up with quite a lot of resin add-ons and photo etched parts. A part from that the plastic itself is very crude with some flash. The decals are printed very well and they sit perfect. Anyway it was a very pleasant build.

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