Monday, October 21, 2013


My newly made model is this unusually shiny P-40N Kittyhawk flown by Major Richard Johnson from the 7th fighter squadron 49th fighter group located in New Guinea, 1944.

The 49th ops group was  formed in Michigan, US in 1941 and with the start of WW2 it moved to Australia and became a part of th 5th Air force in 1942. The unit received P-40 Warhawks in Australia, and after training for a short time, provided air defenses for the Northern Territory. It moved to New Guinea in October of 1942 to help stall the Japanese drive southwards from Buna to Port Moresby. Engaged primarily in air defense of Port Moresby; also escorted bombers and transports, and attacked enemy installations, supply lines, and troop concentrations in support of Allied ground forces.

The 49th participated in the Allied offensive that pushed the Japanese back along the Kokoda Track, took part in the Battle of the Bismarck Sea in March 1943, fought for control of the approaches to Huon Gulf, and supported ground forces during the campaign in which the Allies eventually recovered New Guinea. It covered the landings on Noemfoor and had a part in the conquest of Biak.

The 7th Pursuit Squadron was activated on 16 January 1941 as part of the 49th pursuit group. After receiving some aircraft and training it moved Australia where it was equipped with Curtiss P-40 Warhawks. Moving to Horn Island, its first combat with Japanese aircraft occurred on 14 March 1942. The 7th moved to join the other 2 squadrons of the 49th PG, in the defense of Darwin, in April 1942. The 7th flew combat missions in theSouthwest Pacific from, 14 March 1942 – 4 August 1945, in Korea from, 14 August 1950 – 27 July 1953, and in Southeast Asia from, 11 May – 12 August 1972. It conducted basic fighter training from, September 1992-December 2006.

The squadron's emblem is described as a "Bunyap, an Australian aboriginal death demon". 

source: wikipedia

The Kit is an old Ertl, repacked by Italeri with an addition of new decals, which are very nice. I also added new resin wheels, Eduard PE and Master's 50cal Browning fairings with blast tubes.
The whole model is riveted upside down and painted with Alcald.

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