Monday, December 19, 2011

A-7E VA-25 USN

A little sideways project, and a little break from the migs in progress. My first time doing something like USN aircraft, so it was kinda tricky because my lack of knowledge on the subject and the final result might not be as it might.. Anyway the kit is superb and there was no major setbacks.

Fist of the fleet, dec. 82
The markings on this Corsair are low-viz and a bit unusual it carries a standard white-light gull grey scheme.

A little update with pictures of the Corsair with under-wing tanks and mk.20 rockeyes.


R.S said...

Vasko...just feeling little sad as no weapons are mounted on this A-7 as well as the Mig-21 :(

Plz make sure to load them as much as possible :)

Vasko said...

Hey R.S

I am thinking exactly the same, the corsair will be fitted with mk.21 rockeyes ASAP.
As for the YU fishbed, during those exercises it was armed with domestic made air to ground rocket launchers "munja", unfortunately they don't exist in this scale and need to be scratch-built-I am adding an reference photo next to it ...but the Sudanese M I am just finishing will absolutely carry something more "mean" - I need to do some research what they actually used on 'em.

Best regards