Sunday, February 19, 2012

F-104G Türk Hava Kuvvetleri

 F-104G, 22313, 141° Filo, Turkish Air Force.

Who doesn't like the looks of a starfighter? Here's one in Turkish markings in ADC grey with various tail panels left in different shades of natural metal.

On July 21st, 1974 during the Turkish/Greek Cyprus conflict, the aircraft of 141° Filo attacked a convoy west of Paphos harbor. Unfortunately the ships were Turkish. Two destroyers were damaged and one was sunk.

July 21st, 1974
Destroyers Adatepe, Kocatepe, and Tinaztepe were underway to intercept Greek Navy vessels.
Both navies were supplied by numerous destroyers of the Gearing FRAM 1 and FRAM 2 classes which prooved fatal as 3 Turkish F-104Gs couldn't recognize it as friendly even with Turkish flags on display. They made an attack damaging them heavily. Two destroyers managed to save themselves, while Kocatepe D-354 was destroyed. 80 crew members were killed.

It really took me too long but I finally armed this zipper with mk83 under wings. I had to scratch-build the underwing pylons as well the ones under the belly.

 copyright: Johan (Hans) Engels


This is a Revell/Hasegawa kit with Aires cockpit and wheel bays, Iliad design Starfighters in action decals, painted with Tamiya, Gunze and Alclad paints.


R.S said...

Still awaiting updated photos with ordnance loaded ;)

Vasko said...

Hey R.S,

I hope it will be soon, I've made the double pylon on the belly and the classic wing pylons, for one mk83 on each wing, but all pics I got show those wing racks with some tubes mounted on 'em, so I don't know if that suggests that it holds two bombs on each wing or not. Have to figure that out before I continue. I have no actual photo of the plane loaded and the Turkish 104's seem to had some unique stuff, meaning it is no publication I have either American or German.

Check out what I mean:

hope you can see the photo on the link
best regards

Anonymous said...

Nice job!