Monday, June 22, 2015

MiG-21PFM JRViPVO 22719

Hi everyone

Off course it's a MiG-21 
Codename L-14 - the PFM variant in SFR Yugoslav markings. 
It is painted in experimental camouflage of green, grey and light blue as some other aircraft in service back then. It wasn't long until the plane was returned to overall natural metal finish.
In the 70's the aircraft was a part of 117th fighter regiment located at the infamous underground AF airbase Željava in Bihać. 

No need to get into the build details as this kit already became a routine. It's a good kit of one of my favorite aircraft, that's why I can never get enough of it. 

I might have missed the cockpit color as the PFMs still had cockpits painted in grey but after some overhaul they received the new turquoise color. Actually the Eduard kit gives you no choice but to paint it in turquoise, either with pre-painted PE or printed decals. If you decide not to choose between those two, you end up with no sidewall details and a lot of work on the instrument panel...well, it a nice excuse at least.
This PFM is loaded with two R-3S missiles on the under wing pylons.


Anonymous said...

nice build,
but you could have given the manufacturer of the kit, since there are several 1/48 out there.


Vasko Ž said...

Oh sorry, that slipped my mind. The reason for that is probably simple. Since Eduard launched their line of Fishbeds, I haven't thought of anything else...

The kit is a Eduard 1:48 MiG-21 PFM profipack edition.