Thursday, February 28, 2013

LaGG-3 series 4, white 64

This is a LaGG-3 series 4, 3rd GvIAP (Guard Fighter Regiment), of Red Banner Baltic Fleet during the winter of 1942/43 near the Leningrad area and lake Ladoga. The aircraft was probably of 3rd or 4th series.
White 64 had quite a few distinctive characteristics. Among those are sharp prop spinner, fixed tail wheel, removed wheel doors and sliding canopy, tubular exhaust pipes, straight rudder, two 7,62mm ShKAS machine guns, one ShVAK 20mm gun thru the prop and one 12,7 UB machine gun on the left side of the engine cowling.

photo: Red Stars #1

It's in an Ukrainian ICM kit of LaGG-3 1-4 series, actually quite nice, pretty well detailed intrerior and such. On the other hand the plastic is very soft and the clear parts are very fragile, so caution while dealing with those.
Everything is OOB, I got really hyped by the camo, specially about trying out this worn paint-weathering technique, so that was the priority and not the detailing and such so there are positively some inaccuracies.
I used Worn effects-acrylic fluid by AK Interactive, and it was real fun doing it - similar to hairspray-salt technique or sanding the upper paint in this case the white.


Rich said...

Beautifully done. The white distemper camouflage is excellent. Superb build.

Vasko Ž said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you like it..