Saturday, October 27, 2012

Messerschmitt Bf110D-3 4./NJG 1

Quite unusual scheme on this Bf110 operating in St.Trond, Belgium. The aircraft is an elderly Bf110D-3 G9+FM from 4./NJG 1 which has been retrofitted with FuG 202 radar.As the first four FuG 202 radars were delivered to operational units entered service with II./NJG 1 in February 1942. It is very possible this AC was one of them. The AC was also retrofitted with DB 601N engines identified by the large white "N" on the engine cowling. This marking was needed because the DB 601N engines required higher octane fuel. Note the six victory bars on the rudder.

This is a wonderful Cyber Hobby/ex Dragon kit, which contains an impressive amount of parts. Because of that and the fact it is highly detailed without aftermarket I decided to do it "out of box" including the decals for this night-fighter version.


Dave said...

Awesome build!

Vasko Ž said...

Thanks Dave. I'm glad you like it and appreciate your comment.