Friday, April 18, 2014

Messerschmitt Bf109E-7 1./JG 77

To continue with the 109s over the Far North, this time's subject is a Bf109E-7; Yellow 7, flown by Oblt. Horst Carganico, Staffelkapitan of 1./JG 77 in Petsamo, 25th of September 1941.

His E-7 carried a camouflage with the fuselage divided into three horizontal segments of colors. It had unpainted and highly polished spinner and its tail was marked with 6 RAF and 21 Soviet kills. Carganico's emblem had a terrier inside a diamond shaped background. Note that he preferred an early style canopy (from E-1) and even his Fs were retrofitted with it.


 This is Eduard's new E series which is actually their downsized E series in 1:32. It is a nice and pleasant build. It's a E-7 kit with an E-1 canopy and Kagero's Luftwaffe over the Far North decals


R.S said...

Hi Vasko!

Any new project is on the way?

Best wishes

Vasko Ž said...

Hey R.S, nice to hear from you

Sure I got some things coming, thanks for asking. Very soon I should finish a colorful TuAF F-100D in NMF and a YuAF F-84G which took me longer to research with all the details for the certain plane. We'll se how they turn out... also gotta make some MiG-23 cockpit photos like I promised :)

best regards

R.S said...

Thanks Vasko! awaiting impatiently for your coming projects!

Do you need any help in the Turkish F-100?!?!!? I have some photos I took myself in the Hawak Quetleri Museum in Istanbul, plz check the link here:

Vasko Ž said...

Thanks a lot, you already helped me with the Turkish Starfighters and their loadouts during the Cyprus conflict...

The museum collection is very nice, they seem to keep good care and also have some awareness on their historic aviation pieces. My only critic would be the protective silver paint on planes that used have natural metal finish - I guess it's necessary if the plane is displayed outdoors.

My Super Sabre is almost done with the exception of the ejection seat and the armament which again I know nothing about with the use on F-100's in TuAF. Any help would be more than appreciated. Thanks R.S

best regards