Friday, November 11, 2011

MiG-29 9-12 JRV i PVO

SFR Yugoslavia late 80's, 127th Aerial Squadron "Knights" 204th fighter regiment at Batajnica AB, Belgrade. Yugoslav codename L-18 (L-lovac/fighter).
In 1987 Yugoslavia purchased 16 fulcrums (two of them were trainers), from USSR. They were serialled 18101-18114 and UBs 15301 & 15302

After the break up of Yugoslavia all were left to Serbia (then FRY), and were also used in action all over ex-Yu republics.
In the first stages of the wars (Slovenia) they were rarely seen, kept more aside. in Slovenia (1991) they were mostly flying CAPs along the border of Italy and Austria. In Croatia (1992-95) and Bosnia they were used for several strikes against different targets.

1999 NATO response in Serbia changed the fate of fulcrums. Due to lack of spare parts, non functional radars and so, they were easy pray. Six were shot down and four were destroyed on ground in operation "Allied Force".
The 102 survived the raids and is used today by Serbian AF. No dogfight kills were recorded in favour of fulcrums.

Today Serbia operates 3 Mig-29B's and 1 Mig-29UB
This photo shows a JRV fulcrum armed with UB-32 launchers, which were used only in tests and training and proved to cause too much frontal resistance force.


It is an Academy kit with tons of aftermarket (cockpit, wheel bays, afterburner cans, radome, ..) to make it look nice, since it is the only choice in this scale. Feel free to comment.


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The Serbs were outclassed. They were outnumbered and the Mig-29 has yet to prove it is a capable fighter in any theater. NATO pilots train more have have far superior aircraft.