Sunday, November 2, 2014

Yak-38U Soviet Naval Aviation

Here we go. Back from the dead. Had some minor setbacks. No biggie, I'm back full metal jacket style. I guess I waited for Halloween for my resurrection.

Besides some freshly photoed MiG-21s, I'll present a Soviet naval VTOL aircraft.

VTOL are also known as jump jets for their vertical take offs and landings. This one is also known as a first operational carrier based aircraft. It was developed specifically for and served almost exclusively on the Kiev-class aircraft carriers.

It is called Yak-38. The presented model is a U model as trainer version of this fighter attack VTOL aircraft. It is also known for its odd, ugly like extended nose, very opposite compared to the sleek one seater.
The Yak-38U entered service on 15th of November 1978. Total of 38 Yak-38U were delivered to the Soviet Naval Aviation.

The model is a HobbyBoss kit with the addition of Aires back lift up tubes. The kit has some shape problems. The U versions back was also extended just as the nose. Well HB didn't catch that up. Canopy should also be more bubbled up. The details are also something this kit lack, so I decided to go with the closed canopies and hatches, as I didn't have any resin aftermarket. Nevertheless I scratch-built some wiring and details in the interior. The fit of the plastic parts is so so and there is some cutting needed to present the wings folded. On the plus side is the nice, smoothly engraved and riveted surface of the plastic. You do the judging.


R.S said...

Welcome back Vasko! It's realy an odd aircraft!! It looks like they designed it in rush so connected the front fuselage of L-29 to the body of Yak-38 :)

Any special armament are you going to mount on its pylons?

Vasko Ž said...

Thanks R.S, I hope to publish some more finished models soon.

This sure is one ugly looking bird. And not so very usable. The hotter an more humid the weather got, more problems appeared. It couldn't carry any external weapon stores. Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and Afghanistan just weren't its playground. The lift jets simply wouldn't work in hot and humid conditions.
Anyway, I may install some UB-16 launchers just to spice it up a little..