Friday, August 7, 2015

MiG-29 9-13 VVS, 14 GIAP, bort 24


After a few years of dodging it and putting it aside as half done, this project is finally realized.
The start of this dates before the release of the excellent GWH 9-13 Fulcrum, so this is a chapter for history.

The serial of the AC is unknown, it belonged to the 14th Guardian Fighter Regiment of the Russian AF based on Khalino airfield. It carried a standard 9-13 camouflague. On both parts of the front fuselage dark green spots were painted. Guardian badge and Kusrsk city emblem are placed atop them..On some photos I found it appears to have missing the front landing gear mud guard...

This is the Academy plastic, the best Fulcrum for many years until the release of the GWH.
I've used many aftermarket for this one: Neomega spine, wingtips, cockpit and seat, Aires wheel wells and exhausts, quicboost nose and pitot and the excellent Fru Fru R-27R. The 4x R-60 are from the Eduard's MiG-21 kit.



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Sebastijan Videc said...

Oj! Super ptičurina!

Edino sprednji konec bi bolj matiral - se ti precej sveti nos in anti-glare pred kabino... Vsaj da bi bil satenasti.

Naslednji pa GWH?

Vasko Ž said...

Oh hvala Seb.
GWH zaenkrat na čakanju. Pride... sooner or later :)