Sunday, February 8, 2015

F-84G 10516 JRViPVO

Hello again.
Finally I've found the time to take photos of some of my finished projects. The presented airplane
an US made fighter-bomber Republic F-84G.

photo source:

Thunderjets that were delivered to Yugoslavia were a part of a  Mutual Assistance Program between Yugolslavia and American/British allies ambassador G.Allen aiding the state of Yugoslavia with modern military equipment in events after the Tito Stalin fallout/Infrombiro.

The first batch of F-84G Thunderjets to be received by Yugoslavia flew in on June 9th 1953. By the end of the month 31 jets landed, 11 F-84G's came in December.
Yugoslav pilots used T-33 trainers which also came in the same year, to be retrained and schooled for flying modern airplanes powered by jet engines.
By the end of 1953 and the beginning of The Trieste Crisis, The Yu Air Force already had 54 T-jets.
The deliveries ended in 1957 with 167 warplanes delivered by the MAP.
More than 60 planes were bought for spare parts by Greece which was replacing them with Thunderstreaks.

more on brief history to follow...

JETS, B. Dimitrijević, M. Micevski
revija TIM, T.Perme

The presented kit is a Tamiya F-84G in Yugoslav markings in mid 50's. It is an ex USAF bird in arctic red scheme, which made it more visible above the skies of snowy white Alaska. On one of the photos one red-tailed T-jet in YU service appears to be quite weathered and chipped: It is the #10516


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Looks awsome. Congratulations

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Thank you. I'm very glad you like it.