Sunday, November 15, 2015

F-117A Vega-31

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This model represents one of the most interesting jet bombers of all time, the stealthy F-117.
It depicts an example shot down during the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia (then SR Yugoslavia). It's code name was Vega-31. Everything is known more or less about the incident, I won't get into it, you can read more about it on

photo source via internet

It is a 1:48 Tamiya kit + CMK bomb bay and a resin seat by Quikboost. Although the kit is basically constructed of two fuselage halves, the construction wasn't that easy, as the resin bomb bay was tricky to handle. I didn't want a dirty look for it so it is made quite clean. I really don't know much about the AC type and it's armament, so the authenticity is questionable. Well hope you like it anyway...

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Sebastijan Videc said...

Cool looking triangle! Have one waiting for me in 1:72.