Wednesday, August 31, 2016

J-8II, PLAAF #81192

Welcome back!

Far Out, Far East!

The Chinese made Shenyang J-8II, high speed, high altitude interceptor fighter aircraft.

The kit presents a J-8II in PLAAF service, #81992 involved in a mid-air collision with a USN EP-3E in the skies over the South China Sea in 2001, event better known as the Hainan Island Incident.

Trumpeter's 1:48 version of the J-8II.




H. said...

Great job as usual. Congratulations :)
This one reminds me the Su-15 Flagon from USSR
Best regards

Vasko Ž said...

Thanks a lot H

It was a very pleasant build and I've enjoyed working with white camo, since it requires a slightly different approach.

And oh yes, this is a very interesting looking plane. It has a lot of MiG-23 elements too, like the intakes and the canopy... and it's a huuge plane, twice the size of a MiG-21 :)

Sebastijan Videc said...

First class, mate, first class! I hope I'll be able to bring mine to similar level.

Vasko Ž said...

Thanks Seb.
I have zero doubts about you making it like that or even better ;)