Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Su-7BMK SyAAF 1973 Ramadan War


This time I present a special build for a friend and a fellow blogger, with well known site with plenty history and actual SyAAF photos with many, many of them never seen before. If you still don't know who I am talking about, check it out:

The aircraft is a Su-7BMK in Syrian livery during the conflict in '73

more info to follow...

thanks for looking in


VladDracula The Impaler said...

What two paints/mixtures did you use for the camo? Any washes?

Looks awesome.

Vasko Ž said...


I used a mix of Tamiya acrylic paints for the upper side. mix of xf-2, xf-59, xf-60 for the sand and xf-13, x-15 for the green... the light blue is by AKAN

Very light wash on this model. The panel lines are deep as trenches on this old kit, so filling those would mean a really dirty aircarft... I didn't want that.